I feel cool just opening this beer.  Inside the cap it said "Chive On" which kinda makes me feel like I'm in a club.  A secret club--with a handshake and everything!

From Resignation Brewery in Texas--I think, rather than me being cool for drinking this, I'm making the beer uncool by drinking it.

Just the facts:

Bottle temp at opening: 37 degrees.

Drinking temp: 37 degrees

Nose: Fresh.

Taste:  Bold. A hint of bitter just to remind you it's a beer

Rating: 6 bottles out of 6

This is the perfect beer.  As I cracked it open and poured it, I could get a hint of barley.  The first sip was cold and delicious.  From start to finish it was delightful. Flavorful, not heavy.  Add a touch of hops at the end to add a kick, and this baby has me looking for adoption papers!