Every few years, a new video of a Bigfoot sighting surfaces, and the debate begins again.

The newest video was shot by a Kayaker who spotted the beast walking through the Cass River in Michigan. It's carrying something, which believers guess is either a baby deer that's about to be a meal, or something even cooler; a baby bigfoot.

Just like every other bigfoot video, this one is only about 4.7 seconds long, giving no prior or post video context.

“Not sure what it is, but I have sent it to a few people to see what they say,” Eddie told The Sun. “Some say it’s Bigfoot carrying baby Bigfoot. Others say it’s Bigfoot carrying a deer.”

A 2020 report showed that Michigan had 220 sightings of Bigfoot last year, making it the state with the most sightings per capita.

Non-believers say the 'Bigfoot' is a person in waders wearing a mosquito net.

If you know anyone that'll be paddling through the area, be sure they bring an extra beer for the big guy.

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