If you've ever been to Council Bluffs, Iowa, then you've seen the 'O Face'  Bar right there on the main drag.  I stopped in once when I was buying a car there, and I thought, "Not a bad dive bar."

Well, obviously my standards are WAY lower than "Bar Rescue's" Jon Taffer, who recently told TMZ stringers that it was far and away the worst place he's ever been to.  He didn't even rescue the bar, citing the dysfunctional owners, and overall poor business model.

I did a little digging into the place, the owners and it's clientele.  I gotta agree, that since I've been there, things have gone downhill.  It recently had it's license revoked, then reinstated on appeal.  But watch for that to get pulled again, following the arrest of Matthew Overmyer,the owner, on Sexual Abuse charges earlier this month.

Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Office

Here's the preview of the episode from Spike: