Yesterday on day three of the Mississippi Valley Fair the news was delivered to fair goers at 7 p.m. that Jimmie Allan would no longer be performing due to technical difficulties.

It was some very sad news to hear, and see on Facebook.

After this Jimmie Allen took to Twitter and mentions the fair. In a video titled "This is so dumb @AmericanAir" Jimmie Allen explains his situation and frustration with what he called a lack of information from the airlines. He explains that if they would have canceled sooner he could have gotten on a different flight or tried something else.

The Video

This is how American Airlines responded,

Looks like even superstars can't beat the mighty and forgiving force of airlines...

Oddly, and sadly enough, this is the second time something like this has happened to Mr. Allen. Very unlucky when it comes to these flights.

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Some Good News

Something that was nice to see, however, was that many local artists came together to perform an impromptu acoustic show with the money they made going to a good cause.

We also have Carly Pearce to be excited about when she takes the grandstand stage tonight at 8 p.m. with local QCA favorite, the Monica Austin Band opening. With Brantley Gilbert on the Grandstand Stage on Saturday, August 6th, 2022. Sunday, August 7th wrapping up the fair with Dustin Lynch.

Welcome To My House: Nelly & Flo Rida Take MVF Grandstand With B100

Apple Bottom jeans and boots with the fur were at the MVF grandstand on Tuesday night and Connor and Sarah from B100 were there for the awesome show!

Up The Hill Of The Bix Seven

We started to see the runners a little after 8 a.m. and boy was there a lot of them!

The Bix 7 Coming Back

Now we get to see those we may have missed in the big crowds at the start as the groups start to shrink in the second half. Shout out to those who led the run!

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