A JetBlue flight had to return to the gate in Long Beach, California last Friday, because a passenger wouldn't shut up and kept talking about how awesome he is.

David Brackett claimed he makes $4 million a year, owns six houses, and has a 176 I.Q. He also bragged about having 20/20 vision for some reason. Eventually Brackett was escorted off the plane, along with another guy he was arguing with.


Brackett talked to a reporter in L.A. after it happened and admitted he doesn't make anywhere close to $4 million a year. He blamed the whole thing on having PTSD from a motorcycle crash.

He said the incident unfolded when the other passenger told him the flight attendant was of Middle Eastern descent and likely had a bomb.

"I lost it. I heard 'bomb' in my head and did what I did," said Brackett, who said he tried to get off the plane before he overreacted, but the other passenger stole his cellphone. He said he recorded audio of it.


Brackett said hundreds of threatening emails are flooding into his workplace and after receiving 15,000 negative comments on Facebook, he had to shut it down.

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