Time to celebrate the weekend with some great music in the Quad Cities area. Here's a list of some live local bands to go support!


  •  Jef Spradley @ Faithful Pilot
  • Angela Meyer LIVE at Riverside Grille
  • The Hotrod's @ Rhythm City Casino


  • Alex & Mo Live at Whiskey Stop
  • Don Gustufson @ Faithful Pilot
  • Ariel McReynolds @Twin Span Brewing


  • Travis Ried Band @Parkside Lounge
  • Lewis Knudsen @ Dirty Water Music
  • RollingThunder @HarleyCorins
  • BanD Acoustic @ 1 Hundred West
  • The Steepwater Band at Raccoon Motel
  • Black Velvet @ Green Tree Brewery


  • Crooked Cactus @ 11th St Precinct
  • DYNORIDE album release party @ Raccoon Motel
  • Avey Grouws Trio at Drunken Barrels
  • Ky&Ty Duo Live @ Brick Block Pub
  • Harvest-The Band @ Green Tree Brewery
  • Funktastic 5 at V.I.P.’s
  • Back Pocket at Whiskey Stop
  •  Code 415 @ Harley Corin's


  • Doggin’ Out returns to Harley Corin’s
  • Pat Jones Acoustic Assassin @ Hook's Pub & Grill
  • Ginger Roots @ BS General Store
  • Monica Austin @ Rhythm City Casino
  • JD Aguilera @ Jennie's Boxcar

Upcoming Shows

Email your upcoming shows to BillStage@97X.com


11/23 Folk n' Stages @ Wally's Playce
11/26 Hap Hazard @ 11th St Precinct


10th Blues Rock It @ 11th St Precinct
17th Crooked Cactus @ 11th St Precinct
31st Blues Rock It @ 11th St Precinct

If you have any shows coming up that you'd like to promote here on 97X just email billstage@97X.com.  We'd love to get the word out about your show.

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