Are we really alone?  Have, or how often do aliens come to visit us?

As we approach the anniversary of one of the most spectacular UFO events in Iowa, we ask, what happened at the Big Lake.

Are UFO sightings in Iowa a normal thing?

UFO landing at night in the forest with trees and stars.

You might think Iowa ranks high on the UFO sighting list.  Lots of rural areas.  Plenty of corn for crop circles.  People staying out late with their Busch Latte's.

But actually, Iowa is 34th on the list of states with the most UFO sightings.

If there is no video did it happen?

Unidentified Flying Object Alien Abduction

Around 90% of UFO sightings the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) has documented can be explained.

As we approach the 45th anniversary of the Big Lake Park UFO crash in Council Bluffs, the mystery isn't explained.  But even with no video, 11 independent witnesses told a similar story.

What happened on December 17th, 1977 in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Crop Circle


According to the Pottawattamie County Historical Society, something spectacular took place that cannot be explained.

They know there was a large fireball of molten metal.

Three people noticed a reddish object about 500-600 feet in the air falling straight down.  When they arrived at the object they described it as a "glowing orange blob with a bluish crystalline substance in its center".   Lava-like material was running down the dike appearing to slow as it cooled.

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Another couple saw "a big round thing hovering in the sky below the treetops".

The fire department arrived with Assistant Fire Chief Jack Moore stating "the material was some kind of metal and you can’t break it and you can’t bend it.”

Experts have ruled out meteors, pieces of aircraft, satellites, and space junk falling to Earth.

So that leaves one explanation.

Kseniia LukianÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂhikova
Kseniia LukianÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂhikova

According to the historical society;

Dr. Jacques F. Valee, says there are at least nine other incidents that could be explained by an alien aerial object in distress ejecting molten metal.  What was ejected could have been part of a liquid metal electrical system of a flying object’s power plant.  

So did Council Bluffs Iowa basically get littered on by some aliens?  That's a $1,000 fine nowadays.  They need to come back and pay up.


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