Bali tourists have once again had to be reminded to not interact with the wild and semi-wild monkeys on the island.

The monkeys residing at the world-famous Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, at the Sangeh Monkey Forest, and at Uluwatu Temple are much, much smarter than visitors give them credit for.

The monkeys are typically macaques monkeys.

In a viral video shared from the area, a monkey in question is caught on video taking a woman's passport from her bag, and then shredding it in front of all the spectators.

idiots_inbali via Instagram
idiots_inbali via Instagram

The monkeys are known to steal items from visitors, and will return them only if they're bribed with food.

The woman tried to get her passport back without bringing any food, and the monkey shredded the passport.

No word on what happened after the video ended, but she surely would have to find a way to get a new passport issued to her so she could travel home.

Bali suggests to stave off the annual near $17,000 in reported damages by making sure bags are zipped, with any charms, straps, side pouches, and pockets secured tightly.

Valuable items should be left behind at the hotel.

Read more at The Bali Sun 

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