Sure enough, there's a new World Record - and it's something you'd never once think of, or ever think "I wonder what the world record for this is."

A woman named LuLu Lotus from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada has broken the Guinness World Record for "Loudest Nose Whistle," and it's as loud as a birdcall.

LuLu Lotus via Instagram
LuLu Lotus via Instagram

When she was just 7 years old, Lotus discovered that she had a very unique ability.

“I discovered my ability to create whimsical melodies with my nose,” she told Guinness. "I couldn’t resist the temptation to play pranks on teachers and classmates at school.”

She said that in class, people would be scrambling to find the source of the noisy whistling sound, with one teacher even going out into the hallway to look because she thought the noise was coming from outside the classroom.

Explaining the noise, LuLu is able to do the nose whistle by her using throat muscles to control the way the air flows out of her nose.

When she has her mouth open, the sound escapes out of her mouth, but closing it sends the sound to the next opening down the line - her nose.

It was when she watched a documentary about Steve Aoki, which mentioned that he was the title holder of most-travelled musician in one year, she wanted to go for a record.

“That moment sparked my curiosity, and I began to wonder if there was a record for nose whistling,” said LuLu.

She knew she had to seize the opportunity with her unique skill.

In June of 2022, LuLu arrived at Aercoustics Engineering Ltd. to attempt the record.

Guinness World Records via YouTube
Guinness World Records via YouTube

“Inside a room designed for precision sound recording, I marvelled at the advanced technology and the staff's expertise,” she said.

“Surprisingly, the meeting concluded faster than anticipated, leaving me delighted to reunite with my sons after a successful endeavour.”

She said she wouldn't have been able to get the title without the help of acoustic engineer Payam, who helped her out pro bono.

To measure the sound of her nose whistle, LuLu needed a complex and expensive device, costing several thousand dollars, Aercoustics Engineering Ltd stepped up for her.

“This Guinness World Records attempt is not only a celebration of my unique talent but also a tribute to the incredible support of friends, the kindness of strangers, and my lifelong dream of making my mark in the Guinness World Records book,” said LuLu.

Read more at Guinness

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