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Megan Administers First Aid To Dwyer's Bleeding Finger

Dwyer came in with a cut on his finger, so we had to locate the first aid kit to make sure he didn't bleed out. After finding it, we set up a workspace for when Megan got back from her pizza run. Believe it or not, she's the most qualified person here when it comes to first aid.

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Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

We got the necessary things ready for stitches, but Megan's training was able to help her determine Dwyer just needed pressure.

He'll be fiiiiiine.

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Megan Is Dancing in Shine On

Following her host mother's kidney cancer diagnosis and recent kidney removal surgery, Megan has decided to dance for a cause that's incredibly close to her heart. In a spirited attempt to raise funds for her host mother Teri's impending chemo and radiation treatment costs, Megan will take part in a dancing competition similar to the hit TV show, Dancing with the Stars, the hit series in which celebrities perform choreographed dance routines that are judged by a panel of renowned ballroom experts.

The event is Shine On, on March 23rd. Tickets are available here - and proceeds from the tickets will go straight to Ms. Terri's cancer battle.

Megan Dance SHINE ON
Megan Dance SHINE ON

The Guinness World Record For Loudest Nose Whistle

A woman named LuLu Lotus from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada has broken the Guinness World Record for "Loudest Nose Whistle," and it's as loud as a birdcall.

Read Lulu's full story here.

Dwyer's Dumb Game - Hidden in Plain Sight

This week's edition Dwyer's Dumb Game (presented by Video Games Etc!) featured questions based on things that are hidden in plain sight.

  1. When you see a McDonald's sign with the Golden Arches, what color is the base the arches are sitting on? Answer: Red
  2. On a deck of playing cards, the jack of spades and the jack of hearts have only one eye showing. This is true for one of the Kings. Which one? Answer: King of Diamonds
  3. What additional location information do Iowa license plates offer that Illinois does not? Answer: The County
  4. A traffic light hung vertically has the red light on top, the yellow light in the middle, and the green light below. Where is the red light when it's hung horizontally? Answer: The Left
  5. What's the maximum number of scoops you can order on a Whitey's Ice Cream Cone? Answer: Three
  6. Which branches of the US Military have their own aircraft? Answer: All of them

Speed round: "On The Keyboard"

  1. Hit the shift on the '1' key, what character do you get? Answer: Exclamation
  2. Hit the shift on a 'semi-colon' key: Answer: Colon

Monkey Tears Up A Woman's Passport

The monkeys residing at the world-famous Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, at the Sangeh Monkey Forest, and at Uluwatu Temple are much, much smarter than visitors give them credit for. They will still valuable items from tourists, and exchange them only for food - if no food is brought, the items will be destroyed.

This is a macaques monkey, it's pronounced "Ma-kahk", so of course this was fun for the rest of us while Dwyer tried to tell the story.

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