The Rock Island County Fair has provided entertainment and education to the community for over 150 years! With livestock shows, carnival rides, food, and live entertainment, there is something for everyone at the Rock Island County Fair.

This year the grandstand will also include Micro Wrestling!  And we have tickets you can win below.

The Rock Island County Fair


The Rock Island County Fair is July 16-20 and is a week of jam-packed fair fun.

Tuesday will feature stock car racing.  Wednesday is Quad Races.  Thursday has the popular truck and tractor pulls.  Friday is the Micro Wrestling and live music from The Dirt Road Rockers.  And Saturday has a Demolition Derby and Zero Dark Thirty & Lynn Allen for more live music.

Plus of course, every day there will be plenty of animals from cows and pigs to goats and rabbits for the little ones to check out.  And all those rides and all that food on the Midway!

You can see the full schedule of events here.

Check Out The Micro Wrestling

The Micro Wrestling Federation is a full-scale, WWE type event supported by an entire cast under five feet tall. It’s going to be pandemonium as the Micro Wrestlers body slam, bear hug, and headlock throughout an evening of nonstop action. Here is what you can expect:

Two Single Matches: Who are the toughest Micro Wrestlers?

Micro Brawl: Body slams, suplexes, and punches to the face can take place anywhere in the venue! Get ready for up-close and personal Micro action!

Micro Rumble: The Micro superstars enter the squared circle and stand tiny toe-to-tiny toe against one another in the main event! The belt is on the line and only one Micro wrestler will leave as champion.

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We've got your tickets to check out all the action.  Sign up below and win a pair of tickets to Friday at The Rock Island County Fair!

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