Easter is almost a week away and there's something to consider if you're doing an Easter basket for your kid.

Easter baskets are one of those things that are fun to put together as an adult and are fun to get as a kid. Stuff all of the chocolate and sugar you want in a basket (the crunchy moms can just look away) and surprise your kiddo with it. It doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive.

There are chocolate bunnies, Peeps marshmallows (which are delightful, for the record), little fidget toys, and all kinds of candies that you can fit into a cheap basket.

As we brainstorm what we're going to put in our kids' Easter baskets since the holiday is coming up fast, there is one thing that experts advise against putting in your kid's basket.

What You Shouldn't Get Your Kid For Easter

As an adult, it's up to you to think this through. It sounds cute in theory but it's a years-long commitment.


Don't get your kid a bunny or chick for Easter. Rosewood Pet says that most "Easter bunnies" end up in an animal shelter.

Bunnies live a long time, 8-12 years. They poop a lot and are high-maintenance animals to have as pets. They can be taught to use a litter box, but they're the same commitment as a housecat.

Chicks are also on the no-go list for Easter presents, according to PetMD. They too end up in shelters after Easter. If you've ever been to a ranch supply store around the Spring, you've probably seen a little coop inside with baby chicks and if you're like me, wanted to take the whole flock home with you.

Chicks need a safe indoor and outdoor place to live. They are also a big time commitment, laying eggs and living 7-8 years.

Of course, bunnies and chicks are cute, especially this time of the year. But they're an actual animal, not a novelty, and there's a responsibility that comes along with taking care of one. If you're still ready to adopt and have thought it through, have at it.

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