All over the Quad Cities and surrounding area neighborhoods and homes are lit up with beautiful lights, inflatables, and other great decorations. But many community organizations, families, and other groups have drive-thru light shows that time up with music or are just really cool. To make sure you and your family get the full Christmas light experience this holiday season, we've put together a full list of drive-thru Christmas light displays or light displays you can only view from your car.

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We'll get to the full list of drive-thru holiday light displays throughout the Quad Cities and surrounding area in a second, but before we forget, let us remind you that we have your chance to win $500 by helping us Light Up the Quad Cities! If you have lights on your house, snap a photo of your lit house (click here to submit the photo), and you'll be qualified to win $500 from Upper Iowa University Quad Cities campus!

Make sure you submit your photo before December 11th so you have a chance to win.

There have been a lot of submissions for our Light Up the Quad Cities, but there are plenty of Christmas light displays in the QC that can't get nominated because they aren't single-family homes, but still deserve some recognition.

That's why we created this list so you can check out these beautiful light displays and support the folks that put these light displays together.

The best thing about these drive-thrus or park-and-watch light displays is that you along with your friends and family can enjoy these shows from the comfort of your warm vehicle.

We know there are a ton of extravagant light displays in the Quad Cities. If we are missing any, email me at And again, if you think your house is the best-decorated house, submit a photo by clicking the button below.

Here they are! This is the full list of drive-thru holiday light displays in the Quad Cities! Click here to see the ultimate guide to the Quad Cities' best Christmas light displays.

Quad Cities Drive-thru Christmas Light Displays

Tis the season for awesome Christmas lights throughout the Quad Cities! It's always exciting to see everyone's hard work, but there are other light displays put up by city organizations and volunteers, and entire neighborhoods that you also need to see. This is the full list of drive-thru Christmas light displays in the Quad Cities area.

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