Have you ever encountered a person who was excited about the time change?  Someone who felt springing ahead an hour was a great thing and it improved their life or business?
And why do we do it?  I'd heard that it's beneficial for farmers and they have more light.  But, don't the crops and animals still have the same amount of light?  I've also heard it helps cut down on traffic accidents because there's more light.  But, as most of us drive to work this week, it'll be dark!  Areas of Indiana used to remain on standard time, but in 2006, made the statewide switch to DST.  A study examining electric consumption for the two years following the switch found an increase of 2 to 4%.  Other stats show accidents increase slightly in the days and weeks immediately follow ing the switch.

Only about 80 countries world wide observe Daylight Savings time--most are found in the Americas and Europe.  The rest have given it up.  The entire state of Arizona opted out of DST back in 1967.

So, again,  why do we do it?  Why bother?   It's a pointless habit with no real benefit whose time has come.  I don't care if it's Standard Time or Daylight Savings Time…pick one.  Then, leave the clocks alone!!