My wife hit a deer on her way to work this morning.  Well, actually it was 2 deer...but only 1 carcass could be seen from the road so I'm not sure if we award her points or not.

Don't feel bad for the deer though.  His friends said he was a narcissist and maybe a shoplifter.  So, I guess we're better off.

So, here are the tips that the professionals say help to avoid a deer:

Buckle Up: Which doesn't exactly help you avoid the deer...but is great for safety.

Be observant: Those deer crossing signs aren't the only place deer cross.  If they'd follow the law they'd be less likely to be road meat.

Recruit your passengers: The more people watching for deer, the better...but if you're alone you're screwed.  Your multiple personalities can't help you with anything but interesting conversation.

Signs of the sun. Just like your poor ass is up on your way to work before the sun is up and coming home when it's too is Bambi.

Prep your horn. Honk if you're horny...or if you want to get the deer from fixating on your headlights.  (My eyes are up here, you perv)

Don't swerve. All joking aside, I'm super glad my wife didn't have time to serve.  It's such a natural reaction and the most dangerous too.  So, instead of a car flipping into the ditch...we just have front end damage and an airbag that went off.  It could've been a LOT worse.

Be safe out there.  Tis the season for deer and farm equipment.  Keep a look out.

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