The backstage experience, once a mysterious being not unlike bigfoot. Big, seldom seen and epic when you catch a glimpse, the backstage experience has long been the feather in the cap of the true fan, the ultimate story-within-a-story, how you got backstage, and what happens when you do.

Now, though, that magic potion can be priced by the ounce. VIP, Super-VIP, and Super-sized-VIP can be bought by fans online at prices beyond just the ticket price.

Those moments that sometimes happened can now be guaranteed, for a price. Problem is that in the old way, whatever experience you had gave you at least a story, sometimes herpes. Now, you have paid a price, and you walk away with an 'official' laminate and a website where you can download a picture. It's about as rock-and-roll as going to see the Harlem Globetrotters.