Where'd the signs go from Bettendorf's Harley Corin's?  Heck, where'd the bar go?

Bettendorf's coolest live venue known for booking great bands and never charging a cover had an ownership swap that left management surprised, employees unpaid...  And the bar empty.

I spoke with Keith Blum, who for the last 5 years has basically been the face of the bar, about what happened, and what followed was a pretty sad story of a crumbling business and friendships that followed.  Bad money can make enemies of friends, and rubble of businesses. It seems the worst happened here.

I'll leave all that to the lawyers to figure out--In the immediate future though, Blum is turning the former Fumbles location into what he hopes can continue the great reputation he built next door. Just 1 More Bar and Grill opens Friday night, and what Keith had thought at one time would be a nice sports compliment to the live music Harley Corin's had become famous for, now might end up being it's replacement. A completely remodeled sports-themed place to watch the game, play a game, grab a bite, and now, rock out a bit to some live music, will welcome Green Zone to their stage on opening night.

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