Over the weekend I was having a conversation with somebody through iMessage on my iPhone and I noticed something weird going on. Maybe this has happened to you too.

It seems like ever since the latest round of updates came out for iOS, users have been getting their messages out of order. Let me tell ya, it's confusing and frustrating. In addition, both people in the conversation thinks the OTHER person is an idiot.  Take a look:


Here are several different fixes to try out.

  1. Update to iOS 11.2.5 – This one might seem obvious, but if you're not on the most recent version it should fix the problem. But that's not guaranteed.
  2. Force Close Messages – By forcing the iMessage app to close, it gives the software a chance to "reboot." Your messages should be in the correct order, but the problem may persist.
  3. Restart Your iPhone – A quick restart of your phone can fix a lot of issues its having. "Did you try turning it off and on again?" is actually a pretty useful line when it comes to technology.
  4. Reboot the Auto Date/Time Settings – Something with iOS 11 has caused the internal clock of some iPhones to fall out of sync with iMessage. Just turn the setting off for a few seconds in the "General" tab of "Settings."
  5. Turn iMessage Off & On – Go to "Settings", tap "Messages", and disable it for a few seconds before turning it back on.
  6. Reset All Settings – Be warned, doing this will put all your phone's settings back to the factory default. In "Settings", tap "General" and then "Reset".

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