I'm getting really sick and tired of scrolling through Facebook and seeing all of the "LET FACEBOOK KNOW YOU DON'T LIKE ADS, COPY AND PASTE THIS STATUS."

Can we just level with this? Why would these ever work? Why would something you type on Facebook be a legally binding contract you, who is a normal working-class American, have with a $327 BILLION company?

These are the types of posts I'm talking about. This guy shares this post to make sure Facebook doesn't give his posts to the news media with their new "$5.99."

That's doing nothing. I promise you, you're achieving literally nothing, other than littering everyone else's timelines.

No, copy and pasting a status isn't going to make your friends see your posts. It's not going to keep Facebook from archiving your photos (literally how you're able to view them), and it's not going to stop people from keeping or taking away guns. It's simply just doing nothing.

It especially makes me laugh when it says "JUST REPORTED ON NEWS 13!" or "Recommended by a lawyer." I doubt it. If your lawyer recommends it, you need a new lawyer.

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