The University of Iowa wants your input in selecting a new song for what is arguably the best tradition in college sports - the Hawkeye Wave.

Since 2017, 70,000 fans, student-atheletes, coaches, and the opposing teams take a break between the first and second quarters of Iowa home games to wave to the kids and families inside the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital.

The 12th floor of the hospital was specially built to overlook the stadium to give patients and families a place to get away from the treatments and watch some Hawkeye football together.

“What started as a simple gesture of support from our fans to our heroes — the children and families at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital — has turned into the greatest tradition in sports,” says the college's Vice President for External Relations and Senior Advisor to the President Peter Matthes.

For the last five seasons, The Wave has been accompanied by Pat Green's song, Wave After Wave.

“We are thankful that Pat Green really embraced the tradition and even honored us with a live performance before a packed stadium,” says President Peter Matthes. “Now five years later, we think it’s time to let fans choose the next great song to accompany the Hawkeye Wave because this is their tradition.”

Twisted Sifter
Twisted Sifter

Well, the school has an open call for nominations, which you can nominate on the Hawkeye Sports website. Before you do, hear us out on what we think the song should be.

Dalles Jacobus, a recording artist from Cedar Rapids, also known as #66 and former Defensive Lineman for the Iowa Hawkeyes, has written the perfect song. It's called We Wave.

We Wave hasn't been released yet, but between the teaser Dalles shared to his Twitter is enough to know that this is the right solution. It's a song written about The Wave and the Hawkeye football family.

Check out some of the lyrics:


Our biggest fans are up above,

Looking over our shoulders.

Sitting waiting paitiently for the end of the first quarter


When We Wave, to the kids that cannot play

Put a big smile on their face

Every football Saturday

Yeah, We Wave, to help those kids that go

Give their parents a little hope to bring those kids back home

You can hear a full version of the song, which Dalles uploaded to his YouTube channel. I'll warn you now, that the full version will make you want to bawl your eyes out.

Put your vote in right here, and be sure to put We Wave by Dalles Jacobus as your vote.

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