Unless you've been living under a rock since 1969, you've figured out that when people are talking about 4/20 they're not just talking about when Bill Stage gives out the secret word that could win you $1,000 every day. We've all seen the shirts, the FB posts, anecdote of that one stoner fried we all have that still acts like they're a senior in high school.

More and more marijuana is becoming a social norm. People are starting to treat it more like it's alcohol's fun younger brother rather than meth's dirty cousin. Heck even yesterday Earl Blumenauer, a congressman from Oregon, said that "marijuana has gone mainstream" and is calling for more marijuana reform.

In the wake of all of that police departments across the nation are starting to loosen the way they treat potheads. It seems that a lot of times they are more prone to eating copious amounts of Doritos and cookies rather than cause problems for police. I'm not saying that driving under the influence is okay. Nor that people that are high don't commit crimes. I think it's more likely that they're too lazy and busy watching Family Guy than they are to rob a bank.

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