Back in the time, I considered myself a great arcade master. Looking back, I was merely an amateur. Nowadays, I have an arcade in my basement that I fart around on sometimes. It's fun for a bit, but I quickly get bored and have to move on with my day.

Jordan Dorrington, of Cedar Rapids, takes this way more seriously than I do. He just got the Galaga world record from the comfort of his own kitchen. Yes, that's right, his 1981 stand-up Galaga machine is in his kitchen. How cool is that? My wife makes me keep mine in a dark corner of my basement.

His wife told him to put it in the kitchen, otherwise she'd never get a chance to see him, which makes sense because in order to be that good you have to be able to play for hours on end.

Jordan recently smashed the Galaga world record scoring 20,980,450 points which took him over 14 hours to complete.

Jordan Dorrington
Jordan Dorrington

He's widely popular in the arcade world, having recently been flown to Australia last year to play in the Battle for the Hemisphere.
Watch Highlight: Galaga tournament and marathon world record! from jdgalaga on

He's one of only 5 people in the world who have won an award for being in the 6 million point club.

Good job, Jordan. Now let's see how you stack up at Burger Time. Go follow him on Twitch.


Here's our full interview with Jordan:


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