Runk Wood was on his way to work from Avoca, Iowa to Lincoln, Nebraska, when he became a hero to two people who are alive because he took the time to stop.

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Runk spotted a burning car in the median of Interstate 80, and felt compelled to stop, because nobody else seemed to be.

"A lot of people were driving by. I didn't see a whole lot of brake lights, which kind of touches my heart, where we live in a society where you see a car burning in the median, you don't stop," Wood told KCCI.

"I could hear the girl screaming and nobody was getting near the car and it was just a reaction of I'm not going to stand here and listen to somebody burn up in the car so I just went for it."

He pulled the woman driving out of the car and kept pulling until she was about 20 feet away, but she was trying to tell him something. He said he couldn't make out what she was saying, but then she started pointing at the car.

There was another person in the car. He saved them as well.

"My hands are a little red. The right side of my face is a little tender from the heat, from the fire," Wood told the news outlet.

He's happy he was able to help, but doesn't like being called a hero.

"I don't want the hero title. I'm just a simple man that was headed to work and chose to stop and help somebody."

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