A 70-year-old man from was arrested for being behind a high-stakes cover-up that struck a small Iowa town.

Peter De Yager from Hull, Iowa was arrested in August and charged with 2 misdemeanor counts of theft and trespassing for stealing political yard signs.

The newspaper, Dickinson County Newshad a small blurb about the crime in its police blotter.

Peter was worried about people reading what he'd done, so he decided he'd get rid of the evidence. He drove to every store in town that sold the paper and swiped them. He hit vending boxes, news racks, and anything else that would let the public in on his crime.

Local businesses started reviewing security footage, and all saw it was the same person stealing papers from their stores. So they called the police and Peter was arrested for theft.

Thanks to his foiled attempt to hide the evidence, he's now making national news. Good work, Peter!

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