A police officer saw Griffen Vogelgesang-Maurer driving his car while watching South Park on his phone.

The officer turned on his lights and pulled over Griffen in his 2003 Oldsmobile Alero. When he approached the window of the vehicle, he noticed a funky smell.

The deputy wrote in the criminal complaint that the vehicle smelled strongly of marijuana. When asked, Griffen said he had recently smoked marijuana and handed his pipe and grinder to the officer.

He showed signs of impairment during the field sobriety test, and agreed to allow the officer to perform a breath test, which came up as a .00 BAC. It was pretty obvious to the officer that he was under the influence of the marijuana.

Johnson County Jail
Johnson County Jail

On top of a citation for use of an electronic device while driving. He was arrested and charged with Operating While Under the Influence, and First-Offense Possession of Marijuana, both misdemeanors. He was released on bond.

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