Come listen to a story 'bout a man named Jake.

Jake McVey is quite possibly the hardest working musician in Country Music, playing shows at the rate of 300 or so a year since he picked up his last real paycheck and used it to buy a tour bus.

I've seen his show twice in the QCA in the last 2 months. At the Wieblers Harley Davidson End of the Summer Party, and most recently at the Circle Tap. There's no venue too small for him, a telling sign from a humble kid who invites everyone along to the party. And he can also rise to the occasion of a big stage, having opened for nearly everyone in Country Music.

He brings it when he steps onstage with his band, or by himself, criss-crossing the generations of Country music, from the rebellious Johnny Cash to the contemporary songs of the current Country charts. He fits right in, wether he's re-interpreting Tom Petty, or belting out his own songs in front of a bar crowd on a Wednesday night.

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Seeing Jake, a Mediapolis, Ia. native, under the lights is like seeing the guy at the office you never knew could sing go up and KILL it onstage. He treats the audience like friends, and the love is returned in spades.

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He's got a new record out, called "Back Seat" a jangly jaunt down memory lane. When you see his Templeton Rye Tour Bus or trailer, it's a guarantee good times are inside. Jake McVey should be on your radar now, so you can say you knew him when...