On the night of his 21st birthday, Keith Moon of the Who jumped in to a Lincoln Continental Limo and accidentally backed it in to the pool at their Holiday Inn in Flint, Michigan.  It got him arrested and banned for life from all Holiday Inns everywhere, and banned for life from returning to Flint, which would be considered a blessing to most folks.

The obvious question is ... What were The Who doing in Flint, Michigan??  Well, they were the opening act for Herman's Hermits (remember, it was 1967) at the brand new Atwood Stadium in Flint, the first stadium in the Midwest to feature "astro-turf".  Concert goers and bands/roadies only caused minimal damage to the turf, but maximum damage to the hotel!  Keith even slipped on his birthday cake and knocked out a tooth!

The effects from this night on hotels, insurance carriers, and band road managers were massive, and you might say Keith was a pioneer in developing the way contracts were written from that point on.  Long Live Rock ... and long live the legend of Keith Moon !