Sandra and Charles McKee may be the biggest fans of the 60's hit sitcom, "The Munsters." At least, big enough of fans to build and operate a life-sized replica of the house featured in the show.

Sandra and Charles McKee created the house by watching through the show and re-watching scenes as they built each room, but they're still not done.

Munster Mansion Texas

" Many pieces in the house are from the show or exact matches of items from the show. It was a challenging project, as there were no plans or blueprints to go by,” they wrote on their website. “The house was completely designed by the use of the show footage. Living in the Munster Mansion is a dream come true for us.”

Munster Mansion Texas

A tour of the mansion costs $120, which you can include up to four people on. If you have more than four, each additional person is only $30.

Every month, the couple hosts a murder mystery night for 10 guests.

Munster Mansion Texas

The Murder Mystery experience runs $110 per person, and that includes a tour, drinks, and the murder mystery fun. Anyone looking to participate must be 21 or older.

Munster Mansion Texas

They even have a Munster Mobile!

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