A Subway employee who was brave enough to defend herself while being robbed at gunpoint by disarming the robber and chasing him off has been repaid by her employer by being suspended.

Araceli Sotelo was working her job at a Rockford, Illinois last weekend when a man came into the store and flashed a gun at her, demanding she give him all the money in the store.

Of course, the store's surveillance cameras were running, and the incident was caught on video. It was then leaked to Rockford's Scanner website, which they reposted.

Sotelo can be seen in the video yelling at the man to leave, and to stop, which then led to a scuffle behind the counter. She got the upper hand when she knocked the gun loose from the robber's grip.

As they wrestled, Sotelo also ripped the robbers sweater off, then gets ahold of the gun and pistol whips him with it.

After the ordeal, Sotelo says her manager contacted her to tell her she wouldn't be scheduled or paid until the video was completely scrubbed off of the internet, which obviously won't ever be a possibility.

She denies being the one who sent the video to the scanner site, even though she shared it on her own TikTok, one of the only videos without a watermark.

Regardless of the video, being punished for protecting herself isn't very fair at all. Her phone was broken in the scuffle, and the robber made away with her purse that had her ID and credit cards.

Her mother started a GoFundMe to cover her lost wages and legal fees until the whole thing can be figured out.

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