An Illinois stripper drove all the way to New York City, looking for the USNS Comfort, and ended up getting arrested on several weapons charges.

Jessica Prim, who dances under the name Nikita Steele, live streamed her arrest to Facebook Live.

Security from the shipyard called police after they saw Prim "acting erratically" in her car.

When police arrived, she explained, “I was watching the press conferences with Donald Trump on TV. I felt like he was talking to me. I felt like I was supposed to come to Comfort and get some help because I felt like I was the coronavirus.”

She told the Secret Service was there because she was there to go on the USNS Comfort, which departs Thursday.

The agency was already at the port because Prim had been put on alert after she posted threatening messages about Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton on Facebook.

Prim cries throughout much of her video, telling officials she's scared.

She eventually exits her car and was arrested by Secret Service.

When officials searched Prim's car, they found 18 knives.

Cook County Sheriff's Office
Cook County Sheriff's Office

NYPD arrived and took her to Mount Sinai West to be evaluated. She was charged with multiple counts of criminal possession of weapons.

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