Paul Harvey was one of radio's biggest legends and after his passing in 2009, was thought to have been buried in an unmarked grave. Of course, the sleuths of the world weren't going to let that one go.

Harvey was known for his time as a broadcaster for ABC News Radio. He broadcasted News and Comment in the mornings and mid-days on weekends, but he was also known for his segment, The Rest Of The Story.

Upon his passing in 2009, his body was placed in a mausoleum, as many celebrities are, alongside his wife who had passed away a year earlier. However, unlike most mausoleums, which has the casket interred into some sort of stone, and marked so the public knows who lies within, this had neither.

The mausoleum is completely unmarked. No names, no dates, just the white facade with iron doors.

Faces of The Forgotten via YouTube
Faces of The Forgotten via YouTube

Harvey's casket, as well as his wife's, are both just set on the floor, where they are collecting dust.


The only thing separating them form the floor, is a two inch tall piece of stone that the caskets sit upon.


As would be expected, the caskets have 14 years of dust and cobwebs on them. He rests on the left of the mausoleum, and his wife and fellow broadcaster, Lynne Harvey, rests on the right.


Paul and Lynne Harvey are interred at the Forest Home Cemetery in Forest Park, Illinois, just outside of the Chicago city limits.

Check out this walkthrough of the cemetery and inside the mausoleum (through the window at least).

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