Police officers in Illinois made what has to be some sort of a record-setting arrest this week in Marion.

Officers with the Marion Police Department stopped a man who was apparently speeding in a construction zone early on Monday morning.

Male drunk driver chased by police. Driving under alcohol influence
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They haven't said why, but we can imagine there was probably some sort of a smell emitting from the car.

Police said they found thirty bottles of THC syrup, 40 vape pens, and EIGHT THREE POUNDS OF MARIJUANA.

Marion Police Department
Marion Police Department

The weed was in a vehicle driven by a man from Mississippi, and is facing several charges, including drug trafficking, and was taken to jail.

Illinois state law only allows for residents to possess 30 grams of marijuana, with out of state residents allowed to possess 15 grams.

Just to put this into perspective, the guy had roughly 37,648 grams of weed - roughly 1,254 times the amount you're allowed.

Citizens are allowed recreational marijuana if they stay under the allowed limits (30 grams for in-state residents and 15 for out-of-state residents), but it has to be in a sealed container from an approved dispensary. Vacuum sealed garbage bags are not.

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