While the weather gets nicer, we will be out spending more time in nature, and it's important to know warning signs when you see them. Nature gives plenty of warning signs, but it's up to us to know how to determine what they are, and recognize them when they're out in nature.

It's important to be educated.

Danger Signs Given By Trees

One of the most commonly observed clues is a group of trees that grow in the shape of a J, and that will tell you that this area is increasingly not safe for you, your home, or any other inhabitants.

Crooked tree trunks at the crooked forest Krzywy Las near Gryfino in Poland
Getty Images/iStockphoto

It might seem like an oddity, but it actually has a logical explanation.

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Why Do Trees Grow In A J Shape?

These trees are bent due to soil creep, a process of ground movement. Soil creep is a phenomenon in which the Earth moves slowly beneath a tree, causing its roots to form a distinct "J" shape.

Bent pine trees in Crooked Forest (Krzywy Las) at sunset, Poland.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

J-shaped trees are usually a sign that the underlying slope is unstable and has been prone to landslides in the past, suggesting that future landslides are likely. Understanding soil creep can be crucial to mitigating the risk of landslides and their resulting destruction.

While this is not a warning to get out of the area immediately, it is something to keep in mind and stay alert for further signs.

Stay Safe in Nature

Terrain Landslide
Landslide - Getty Images/iStockphoto

Keep an eye out for any unusual change in the landscape, from an excessive amount of sediment to fresh cracks in the ground, and seek guidance from a professional.

Landslides can pose a threat to people, homes, and property, so it is always wise to stay prepared.

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