This woman is officially allowed to say she has a "favorite" kid after this.  And no one gets to guilt-trip her about it . . .

A 61-year-old woman near Atlanta got into it with her 32-year-old son on Tuesday over a box of Cheez-Its. Apparently he'd been drinking, but that's all we know.

The son's name is Jeremy Wyatt, and it got so heated, the mom and her other son decided to call the cops.

Jeremy wasn't pleased when he found out police were on the way. So he locked them both in a room upstairs, went outside and got some gasoline, and set the house on FIRE.

The other son was able to get the mom out through a window on the second floor.  So they're both okay, and the fire department was able to save the house.

Jeremy is now facing charges for arson and criminal damage to property.

Read more at CBS Tampa Bay.

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