When your marriage is falling apart, I guess you never know what one random thing might be the last straw. Or, in this case, the last grain of salt.

The police in Brookfield, Wisconsin got a call a few weeks ago from a movie theater about a potential domestic situation between a husband and a wife.

They had ordered popcorn, and the wife secretly put salt on it. The husband hated extra salt, so when he figured out what his wife had done, he announced that their marriage was over. He also used it as a metaphor for her doing things behind his back, like possibly having an affair.

He was so mad that he wanted to leave the theater, but she took his keys to keep him from driving away angry and that's when someone called the cops.

Fortunately, things never got physical, so nobody was arrested. There's no word on whether they went through with the divorce, or if they managed to bounce back from this salt incident.

Read more at Stevens Point Journal.

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