There've been a few times when Halloween falls on a weekday, but I'll carve my pumpkin the previous weekend, just because that's when I have time. By the time it's Halloween, my smiling orange pumpkin is now a shriveling, frowning, liver-spotted blob that smells like death.

HGTV has figured how to extend the life of your pumpkin, just by following a few easy steps.

1. Use Petroleum Jelly

Once you've gutted and carved, rubbing a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the inside can keep the mold away.

2. Refrigerate Your Pumpkin

If you don't already have enough stuff in your fridge, move that gallon of milk to the next shelf to make room for your pumpkin. This helps rehydrate, and keeps it away from the little critters that come looking for a snack. First spray it with peppermint and then put it in a garbage bag before sticking it in your fridge, unless you don't mind the mess.

3. Leave it in the Tub Overnight

The best way to rehydrate your pumpkin, fill your tub with cold water, and let it soak overnight. It's also said that bleach can also produce similar results.

Read the rest of the list at HGTV

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