Don't miss the 3rd Annual Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds St. Patrick's Day bash this weekend!

Bad Hair is going to rock your Friday night! I talked to the band about how they celebrate the holiday!

Please introduce the members of your band!

Ricky Styxx has been on drums since the beginning in 2013. Rick teachers drum during the week and has been in numerous other bands previous to BAD HAIR.

Tim Rockstroh joined us in 2015 on bass, and plays in two other side projects as well.

Buddy Arshbrenner is our lead guitarist from Cedar Rapids Iowa & joined BAD HAIR from his previous band, Lip Stick Slick in 2019

Brian Scott is our lead vocalist & original founding member since 2013. Brian is a radio personality in various cities and currently resides in Peoria Illinois.

How long has the band been playing?

Since 2012, Rick & Brian met in a previous band, and are still best friends & band mates to date.

When BAD HAIR is off, we gather up as BAD HAIR UnPLUGGED & do some smaller acoustic shows with special guests on vocals, or instruments. We enjoy hanging together as friends & a band.

Got any St. Patrick's Day Traditions?

Most notably, we were the band that played at Shenanigans when during a stabbing in 2015 so we have avoided that tradition. But, we have been known for playing 2 or 3 shows in one St. Patrick Saturday Celebration. Entertaining the St. Pat's crowd is a blast.

Any St. Paddy's Day memories?

As a group that truly enjoys being with each other as friends & a team, getting to do that on St. Pats is always a favorite.

Best Irish Drinking song?

Anything that's Irish by the Beastie Boys or Van Halen

What are you looking forward to most about this weekends show?

The pandemic is over, everyone being out, being safe, celebrating together. Getting to see each other again. We have a great fan & friends base, and always appreciate seeing them out for the shows and the after parties that seem to go on way too long.

Don't miss the 3rd Annual Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds St. Patrick's Day bash this weekend!

Friday, March 12th

7pm-Doors open
8:00pm-Roadside Circus
10:30pm-Bad Hair

Saturday, March 13th

11am St. Patrick's Day Parade at the fairgrounds
11:30am-Doug Brundies
1:00pm-North Of 40
3:00PM don't miss Flying Leprechauns
3:30pm-Electric Shock
6:00pm-Casey Muessigmann
11:00pm-Project X

Saturday, get ready for a day of fun starting with a parade on the grounds starting at 11am and kids activities in the Iowa Building.  The Iowa Building will be designated as the Family Friendly Kid’s Zone.  Jumpin Joey will have Bounce Houses, there will be a free Kids Karaoke stage from noon-2:30 and Justin Kay will be here with a race car on display, food and more.

While admission is free, you can reserve a VIP table to have your place to call your own all day and night.  Plus, it comes with a bucket of beer and other swag.
You can also win one of those tables right here!  Sign up today and may the luck of the Irish be with you.

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