I used to ride horses as a kid.

Ok...that might be a bit extreme.  It would probably be more accurate to say I "rode a horse when I was a kid."  And I'm not talking about the ponies doing tight laps around a carousel at the fairgrounds.  My Godmother had horses and from time to time she would let me get on one and we'd go for a spin around the pasture.

One time we went a little too far out and the person on the other horse (who was leading) decided to go a little too fast.  She was very skilled or at the very least "used to" riding a horse...unlike me. So of course my horse sees this horse pick up speed and decides that now would be a great time to make a ten year old Billy Stage see his short life flash before his eyes.

Luckily it was short lived and everyone came out fine...and dry.

In this video...a lady (I believe purposefully) dumps food loudly into a bucket knowing full well that the horse goes crazy when it hears that sound.  It does in fact go crazy...but it also has a lady riding it who doesn't seem to be super pumped at the fact that the horse is going ape-shit about the food being dumped into the bucket.

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