A Seattle area Home Depot customer is not happy with the company after she missed a scheduled delivery.

Lara Zarowsky returned home to find a tag on her door saying the driver had stopped by when she wasn't there, and gave information on where to call to reschedule. In the space after the driver's departure time was an addition that was not necessary, and upset Lara to the point of cancelling her order.

After a conversation with customer service, Lara was told the driver meant no harm by the note, but meant it as an abbreviation for "See You Next Time."

When talked to by KING 5, Zarowsky said "I just really would want this person to understand that this is a frightening thing they did, that they actually invoked fear, for whatever reason they felt compelled to do that it's a scary response for a woman coming home, knowing that the person who just left that note knows exactly where she lives, and could be back at any time."

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