Sad news for the fans of Motley Crue.  Sadder than the fact that they haven't had a good record since Dr. Feelgood in 1989, sadder than their selfish behavior and money lust interrupting what should have been the best time of their careers, yes, even more sad for fans than the killing of Nikki Sixx and Razzle, they have announced their break-up and farewell tour. The first of many, if the Eagles, Kiss, Doobies, and even Alabama are any indication.

Is there anything less Rock-n-Roll than a band admitting they hate each other, but that they will endure it "for the fans" one last time?  What a bunch of BS.  I can't decide if this is more a desperate cry for attention, or money.  These dudes were the top of the hair-rock game for the better part of 4 years or two records, so "Going out on Top" as Sixx mentioned in the press conference (oh, yeah, he WAS dead but now he's alive…and soooo much smarter) couldn't have happened any time after 1990. But now?

David Livingston, Getty Images

Bottom feeders somewhere above Warrant and Queensryche, but far below Ozzy and Motorhead.

The point is, don't announce your retirement, and then go tour. That crap is for Celine Dion. It's so insincere that even the drunkest of fans should be able to see right through your profit-taking.  Give it up.

Instead of "on top"--I see a long, ugly, drying-up road of many years playing "reunion" gigs that weren't quite as good as last time.  The real rockers don't retire, they die, re-invent or dry up.

Re-inventing didn't work (can you say John Corabi?), neither did dying (well, maybe Marrs), so I guess drying up is next.  But how many fans will they drag down with them?  I see a top-five grossing year for them.

Only Led Zeppelin did it right.