The Red Covered Bridge in Princeton was heavily damaged today after a semi-truck tried to pass through that did not fit.

At this time, details are limited at the moment but the accident occurred Thursday morning, according to the Bureau County Historical Society and History Center.

There was extensive damage to the state bridge and the trailer, James B. Reed, the Bureau County Sheriff said.

Wynn Logistics, the fleet that the truck belongs to, released a statement about the crash.

“We sincerely apologize for the mistakes made by our driver and acknowledge the reckless behavior displayed. It is worth noting that the driver in question had an extensive 11-year experience on the road. Because of this situation, she will be terminated, and we’ll make sure that companies who want to hire her will know about it. We are grateful that no injuries or fatalities were incurred as a result of the incident. We will be collaborating closely with our insurance provider to facilitate the restoration of the bridge to its original state.”

The Illinois State Police and Bureau County Sheriffs Office responded to the crash. If charges are filed, we will update this story.

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