There's no better story than the local high school team coming back to win against a team who was giving them a good ol' fashioned ass whooping. Even better, is to have that covered by ESPN.

Bishop Gorman out of Nevada was beating Hamilton out of Arizona by 24-7. It looked like a shoo-in for Bishop Gorman since there was only a minute and nine seconds left on the clock.

Hamilton wasn't giving up, and used that 1:09 to take care of business:

  • Field goal at 1:09 to bring their lead to only 14 points
  • A very successful onside kick
  • A touchdown, with 0:29 left to cut the lead to seven
  • Another successful onside kick (Like Bishop didn't even see it coming)
  • A touchdown that stopped the clock at 8 seconds... now 24-23
  • Coach felt spunky, and went for 2, and brought the score to 25-24

These kids will be talking about this game for the rest of their lives. What a cool experience they were able to bring not only themselves, but their fans.

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