Who knew that one of the most ride-or-die Tupac fans in the country was a 66-year-old white bureaucrat in Iowa?

66-year-old Jerry Foxhoven was the Department of Human Services Director for the state of Iowa. And apparently, Jerry was a massive Tupac fan, and it bled into his work. Check this out:

  1. He would host "Tupac Fridays" every week where he'd play the music in the office.
  2. He'd regularly email lyrics to coworkers... a search found Jerry sent 350 pages worth of emails with the word "Tupac" in them over the past two years.
  3. On his 65th birthday, he had Tupac cookies decorated with the words "Thug Life"... which was the tattoo across Tupac's abs.
  4. And last month, he sent an email to all 4,300 employees under him telling them they should commemorate Tupac's birthday over the weekend by listening to his music.

The next day, Jerry was asked to resign from his job by the governor of Iowa.

Apparently, people had complained about Jerry's Tupac obsession before, and that email was the last straw. A spokesman for the governor said, "a lot of factors" led to the resignation request.

Iowa Department of Human Services
Iowa Department of Human Services

Read more at ABC 9 - Cedar Rapids.

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