The best thing to happen to us in our life times is the internet.  Let me explain.

Before the internet...we couldn't catch people going outside to fart on video and then post it for the whole world to see.

In pre world wide web days we would just have to take someone's word for it that a train hit a trailer full of water bottles.

Before the information super highway we wouldn't get to see a fisherman's catch get snatched by an alligator.

In a pre net world, we wouldn't be able to see a man pleasure himself with an Elmo doll.

Ok.  So maybe the internet isn't the BEST thing that' happened to us.

But it's close.

When someone gets a tooth extracted these make sure you've got your video camera handy.  When someone is coming out of make sure you've got your phone at the ready.

Because something crazy might happen.  Something hilarious might go down and if you're not quick you might miss it.  You might miss the chance to give your buddy, son, girlfriend, husband crap for the rest of their life.  Maybe even make them famous.

David after Dentist was a great catch by a dad who captured his son being super high after oral surgery.


This video is super wholesome in a "show me your tits, ma'am" sort of way.

The kid is super loving and polite but also is having fun and when I'm having fun I want to see boobs too.

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