Every husband has tried their best not to rip a big ol' fart around his lady at some point, and this guy from Maryland was gentlemanly enough to step outside to fire the butt trumpet.

When he steps out of the house, he stands on the porch to let er' rip, and it's a loud one.

Then, he even goes and does the trick where you pull the back of your pants in and out to force the fart out of your pants, so that you don't crop-dust the entire house.

He fires the ass blast one more time before going back in, fanning behind him to make sure no scent trails behind him.

It was all good and clear, until his wife got a text from their neighbor across the street.

"My husband was caught on video farting and the neighbors across the street heard him and texted us to check the camera," the person who shared the video said.


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