If you live in the Midwest, you're buying ranch all. the. time. Obviously, Hidden Valley is the best of the best, but that comes at a price of about $5 a bottle, which adds up pretty fast.

Hidden Valley Ranch is offering a fridge bundle that comes with a big bundle of ranch that'll cover you for at least a few years.

The 24-inch fridge has plenty of room for ranch, or beer, or whatever, but it'll be exclusively necessary for about 4 years first.

For $900, you get the fridge and a variety of products delivered. Upon the first delivery, you'll get the fridge, a case of:

  • Hidden Valley Ranch Blasted
  • Fiesta Ranch 
  • French Onion Dips
  • TWO cases of Original 

Then, you'll receive 25 bottles a month of ranch, delivered all the way through 2024. In 2025, you'll get a $600 gift card to stretch out for the rest of your lifetime. You really are only spending $300 on a refrigerator and at least 10 years of ranch dressing.

Hidden Valley
Hidden Valley

There's only 3 bundles available, so you better head over and buy it now before it's gone.

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