I don't want to say the news of a Portillo's opening in the Quad Cities is the biggest story of the year, but we're super excited... to say the least.

The City of Davenport has been teasing us with posts on their Facebook page of a shake cup and a hotdog with a poppy seed bun. So far they've been tight-lipped about any details or actually confirming that Portillo's will come to the QCA, but we can read between the lines.

Klinger put his Sherlock Holmes costume and did some sleuthing to figure out where the restaurant will potentially be located. Here's a look at the agenda for tonight's Plan and Zoning Commission meeting, more importantly Section VII:

Davenport Plan and Zoning

William Torchia and WCT Investments are responsible for the Portillo's opening in Peoria. That means the location will be in a newly rezoned area south of 53rd Street, just by the new Costo location.

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