Do you have one of Amazon's smart speakers in your home? If so, Alexa might be listening in on more than just the commands you give your Echo.

You can review everything that the speaker has recorded in your home through the Alexa companion app on either iPhone or Android. Amazon says that their Echo speakers only listen when they hear a wake word, like "Alexa" or "Echo."

But that means if anything you say that sounds remotely close to those words will trigger the microphone.

To check what has been recorded, open the app on your phone and select the "Settings." From there you can scroll down to "History" and read all the recorded phrases, play the original, and delete them. This process can take a while depending on how often you use your Echo.

What you should look for is the entries that say: "text not available." Those are the times that your Echo was woken up and recorded something that wasn't a request. Amazon keeps these recordings so Alexa can learn your voice and improve the accuracy of requests.

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