Cops near Orlando got into a high-speed chase with three people in a stolen SUV Monday night. They eventually crashed the SUV into a ditch, and two of them got arrested. But Jennifer Kaufman, a passenger, tried to get away on foot and ran into a huge field nearby. Which probably seemed like a good idea at the time.

What she didn't know was the field had a bunch of angry cows in it. And when they saw her, they freaked out and started chasing Jennifer.

A police helicopter got the whole thing on video. You can see her running with about 20 cows right on her heels:

One of them got really close to her at one point. And a cop in the helicopter even said it looked like she might get attacked. Luckily for her, that didn't happen. But they did chase her to a fence. And when she got past it, the cops were right there waiting on the other side.

She and the driver are both facing charges for trespassing, theft, drug possession, and resisting arrest.

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