Two Quad Cities Motorcycle enthusiasts are in the running to win an opportunity to create a custom bike with Orange County Choppers' Paul Teutul.

Both Jim Hetzler and Joe Manley from the Quad Cities are in first place of their respective groups. We want them both to advance, but if they do, they'll eventually be pitted against each other.

Votes are free once a day, but if you want to give more votes, you can purchase them for $1, the proceeds of which go to Hudson Valley SPCA.

There's Jim Hetzler, who's been pinstriping longer than the grass has been green. You've probably seen him at the Rod and Custom show, where he shows off the skills he's honed over 40 years.

"I would want to go back to the grass roots of choppers from the early days of the 60's and combine the technology of today's design into one bike," Jim said. "Actually I would love to do a tribute to Ed Roths outlaw car. Using that as a guide with colors on paint, pinstriping, white walls, mag wheel on rear with wires on front and a whole lot of OCC attitude!"

Jenna Sue Photography

Joe Manley's been operating his own custom paint and body shop for some time in Donahue, Manley Custom Paint & Auto Body.

"I grew up on my father’s Harley. When I was able to afford one that’s the first thing I did was go buy one," Joe said. "I have always been passionate about motorcycles. So much that I gave up my 9-5 to paint them."

Joe Manley
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